Monday, August 8, 2011

What's going on???

WHEW!  It's busy around here! 

We've been busy taking a brief (very brief!) break enjoying this:

And a little of this:

and some of this:

And, now we've got birthdays and wedding shows and Gator tailgates on the brain! We have a LOT of all three of these coming up sooner than I want to imagine!

First is my boy's birthday party.  I can NOT believe he is turning 4.  He was just this tiny...

And, now he isn't!  I can't believe it. So, we are thinking about birthday party stuff.  Last year we did CANDY OVERLOAD!

 And, they all LOVED it. So, stay tuned for sneaks of this year's party along with some other peaks of wedding show set-ups and BIG gator tailgates and smaller Gator tailgates... can't WAIT!  Exciting stuff coming up at Great Gatherings!

Hope your summer has been SUPERB.  We are hanging on to the few remaining days we have left... how are you celebrating the end of summer at your house?


  1. Cute photos! You deserve a break or two ;)

  2. We are unpacking..not fun but I am trying to plan a little 'back to school' party for just family :)

  3. Thanks you two! S- I am so glad I did not have to move this summer! Though your pool photographs look pretty...hope the pool is a new perk with the move!

  4. You had me with the peacock shoes!! I'm pretty sure I need (not want, but need) those as well! ;)