Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mason's Ocean Reef Party

Time flies.  It feels like yesterday that we brought him home and now he is five.  I can't believe it! I blinked and the years flew by.  My sweet boy who loves to run, play, laugh, joke, the beach, playing with trains, cars, puzzles and swimming.

We took him to Sea World this spring and he LOVED it.  He loved the dolphins, whales, sharks and all things ocean. Which, of course, got this party planner thinking... we talked about a few ideas and he loved the ocean reef party idea. He had a few requests... he wanted a dolphin coming out of the cake and of course all the ocean animals around and about and he wanted to "pin the tail on the shark." So party-planning mama got to work!

This was a FUN party to plan. I mean REALLY fun.

I found a fabulous fabric that reminded me of ocean bubbles with pops of bright blue, lime green and teal.

Of course, the cake with the requested dolphin was a total hit. Love & Sugar Kisses knocked this cake out of the park. Sweet Maria delivered exactly what the birthday boy requested and then some using Lauren McKinsey designs that delighted all the little and big guests alike.

Maria does amazing work! There are just no words for this piece of art. Not only did it look good, but the chocolate top layer with peanut butter buttercream, well... it was scrumptious! The chocolate covered oreos with matching fondant toppers, AMAZING!  Too amazing to eat for sure!  They are tiny little works of art. 

Of course, my friend Lauren McKinsey designed the cutest printables for the party and came to the party to take the photographs. Yeah, she's the best!
So cute!
I couldn't have a party without some bling, so The Purple Pug helped with some glitterific signage. Her work is nothing short of perfection! I hand-painted the teal anchor and it worked perfectly for the front door along with the glittered sign.
I borrowed this cute boat from my friend at Michelle Levinson Photography and decided it was perfect to display the beautiful cookies made by Bambella Cookie Boutique.
What is a party without balloons?  What is a party without calling my friends at Balloon Construction Company? My friend Blenda blew me away with the gorgeous ocean-themed balloons!
This friend is my favorite!

Pin the fin on the shark, yes please!  Old school party games never go out of style!  They had a blast playing this game.

Cute seating for all the little guests, check.

Getting the guests to stop playing to eat, not so easy! They had such fun together!

Each little guest got to visit the bait stop on their way home to pick up their personalized  Bait Bucket which I made out of paint cans from Michael's Craft Store and cute Lauren McKinsey personalized inserts and laminated nametags.
Each Bait Bucket was filled with goldfish (of course) and a fish pop from Vintage Confections. Lollipops with fish in them, AMAZING WORK!  They look like tiny fish bowls.
Of course, each guest picked out their own cookie to take home as well. Mason loved his party and had a great time with this friends celebrating.
I still can't believe he is five.
Thank you to all my friends and vendors for your superb work. I am so fortunate that I get to work with artists as a party planner. If you don't know some of these vendors, go visit them!  They are so talented!
Shopping/Vendor Details
Printable Designer/Photographer-Lauren McKinsey
Glittery sign/banner/tie dye banner- The Purple Pug
Cake and Oreo Cookies- Love & Sugar Kisses
Balloon Décor and Design- The Balloon Construction Company
Fishbowl Lollipops- Vintage Confections
Wooden Spoons- Sucre Shop
Decorated Cookies- Bambella Cookie Boutique
Painted buoys- Lake Shore Home
Birthday boy’s outfit- Ruby and Viola



  1. SO beautiful. SO much detail + love. The dessert table look amazing! The cake + fondant work is blowing my mind. LOVE the bait buckets-clever and adorbs. You astound + inspire. Fabulous.

    1. Thank you! Your comment means a lot to me! Wouldn't be a birthday party for Mason without YOUR work!

  2. LOVED everything Nikki!!! The colors and all your crafty touches were PERFECT!!

    1. Thank you Maria! Your cake = SUPERB and FAB! Oreos = Small works of art! You are an artist!

  3. You did such an amazing job on this party! The time, effort and love that went into this party is evident in every detail! I can't believe that Mason is already 5!!!

    1. Thank you Stacy! Your comment means a lot to me! It was a FUN party to plan, for sure!

  4. Nikki- what an adorable party! I love it! And, I love those talented vendors, too! You did such a great job putting together such a fabulous celebration for Mason! He's precious!! What a wonderful party~

    1. Thank you for your comment Lydia. It means a lot to me! It was such a fun party to put together.

  5. Nikki! What an adorable party! I loved every bit of it! You put together such a fabulous celebration for Mason!! He is precious! Happy Birthday to Mason~

  6. I think the balloons are my favorite too! I love seeing that Mason played such a role in the planning process!

    1. Carmen - I wouldn't have it any other way (him being highly involved). Thank you for your comment. It means a lot to me!

  7. I think the balloons are my favorite too! I love seeing that Mason played such a role in the planning process!