Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Barbecue

So, last week I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to a group of fantastic ladies. I spoke on entertaining, but I wanted to provide them with a few goodies to munch on while I bored kept them on the edge of their seats sharing my vast knowledge on entertaining.

I had a great time talking to them and loved doing a little set-up for them. I decided to do a Summer Barbecue theme with red, blue and touches of bright yellow lemons for contrast. Lemons always make me think of summertime, like lemonade and lemon cupcakes and lemon-pepper grilled chicken...

So, I did lemon cupcakes in Mason jars, homemade oreo cookies and lemon cupcake push pops. It was the first time I had used the push pops and I LOVE them!  They turned out very cute using my mini cupcake pans with piped icing in between them. Have you seen these cute little inventions around?  You can find them here if you want to just purchase a few.

One of my favorite parts of the barbecue setup- besides the ADORABLE Lauren McKinsey printables, was this ridiculously cute tiny barbecue grill (a Weber of course!) just right for the Lauren McKinsey'ed (my new word) hershey kisses.

So, thank you ladies for having me!  I hope you learned at least one tip to help with your next Great Gathering!


  1. it's all so cute!!
    Love the little grill :)

  2. Very cute set up! Where did you ever find that mini grill?!

  3. Love finds like that mini grill to make great "themed" party accessories!