Friday, August 12, 2011

Exciting things!

There are exciting things happening here at Great Gatherings!  First of all in a few short weeks, I will be setting up a booth at a wedding show for The Plant Shoppe.

I am fully engaged.  How do I know?  I am dreaming about our booth setup.  Don't laugh. I kid you not!

We are designing it around peacock feathers using teals, blues and golds. Like this:

Found on Pinterest originated from The Perfect Wedding Guide
And this:

Found on Pinterest via Brides

SWOON!  My only WOW and WANT NEED. So, I am now in search of 5 or 6 inch peacock blue platform shoes. I will steal, confiscate or sneak out with them afterwards  will of course leave them at the booth the entire time and donate them to charity afterwards.

Also, sneak peek of a fall event I am working on that I am SO excited about:

More to come on this soon.

But, I am over the moon excited...let the dreaming begin! What are you dreaming about nowdays?

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