Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twin in the USA

So, the ROYAL wedding is on Friday. Are you getting up for it or just setting the DVR or not interested in the least bit?  HA!

We do not sleep at our house (three year old who wants to "sleep in y'all's bed" and then kicks me all night long), so I will probably be awake anyway!

I can't wait to see what Kate wears! A local television station is having a Kate/Will look alike contest.  They will pick the winners on Thursday and the winners will be on air Friday and will win a makeover. I already know who the winner will be. She is a friend of mine.

 Don't you think she looks like Kate or Kate looks like her? This is my friend JZ, who is actually my neighbor's daughter. She is AT least AS gorgeous outside as inside as I hope that Kate is as well. Plus, talk about someone who does NOT need a makeover, hello!  JZ doesn't, but she does deserve pampering. She has two cute boys, including one five month old. She probably doesn't sleep either, actually!

Kate Middleton
I just think they look like twins or at least sisters!  So, good luck JZ!  Be ready for your camera shot Friday, 'cause you are going to win for sure!!!


Happy Wednesday!


  1. WOW! She truly does favor Kate a lot! Beautiful!

  2. JZ is DEFINITELY more beautiful inside and out. We love you, JZ, and trust you WILL win!!!