Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chickens and stuff

So, I mentioned the Martha Stewart Spring Chick Craft a few days ago.  I love chicks right now, so cute! They remind me of spring and brand-new things.  My little one keeps telling me he wants to get one. Well, we aren't getting into the chicken business at our house, but we do have a LOT  few chickens around that he can look at and play with. 

I wanted to add the Martha chicken to my collection for this spring.  Here is her version. SO CUTE!

I love the fabric she used for the chicken. Of course, I couldn't find it!  Here is my version of this project.

YES, this ribbon is from Ribbon Revelry. Isn't it great?  I love the bright colored eggs. She does have the best ribbon!  I got my order in last week and am still oohing and ahing over it. Back to my chicken, it isn't Martha's version exactly...but it is my version and I kind of like it!  My little one likes it too!  Maybe it will buy me some time and my little one will forget he wants a real one!

I am dreaming of little chicks for a spring party!   Easter is late this year, so we have plenty of time to think about chicks, eggs and bunnies and that makes me pretty happy!

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Martha's is adorable, of course, but I really like yours much better! Charming!