Monday, March 7, 2011

No voice, can still type though!

So, I have laryngitis. Yes, my hubby is thrilled, so is little one. He can get away with so much more. He just doesn't look at me because he knows I am giving him THE look, but can't yell at remind him in a nice voice not to do whatever he is doing!  

I had a very busy week and weekend. I had a home show I was planning and styling for on Saturday and Sunday. Here is a picture of the booth. I'm loving me some burlap right now! So when I found orange burlap at Hobby Lobby well, stick a fork in me and call me done!  Orange and bright green... happy colors!

I also had a small table for Great Gatherings at the home show. I met some GREAT people that I hope to work with in the future. Can't wait!
Here's a picture of my table. I had a few treats and samples of spring goodies.

We had these sweet babies in our booth.  Irresistable, aren't they?  LOVE THEM!  They are so sweet. They can sure draw a crowd of people! Yes, I did manage to come home WITHOUT one of them! 

Have a great week!  Happy Monday to you!

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  1. Sorry you have no voice!! My family loves it when I lose mine (happens every once in a while) :)