Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Time!

So today is my hubby's birthday. I made him a cake. A PLAIN JANE Martha Stewart recipe for him.  You can throw out the chocolate ganache, chocolate curls, lemon curd or toasted coconut!  I didn't have to look at Epicurious or check out how a recipe was rated online or search for hours on Food Network.

He likes yellow cake with chocolate icing...all from the cake aisle at Publix.  I did, however, use my Cake Mix Doctor cookbook to add in a few special ingredients like sour cream, vanilla and pudding mix. I couldn't JUST make the cake right by the box!  It did taste pretty good even though Martha had nothing at all to do with it.

My little one went with me to buy the ingredients and decided on the very posh decorations... actually they kind of fit the cake.  Don't you think?

Looks like a cake for a forty (some odd) year old man, right?  Trains and trucks do kind of rule the world around our house, especially trains of the Thomas variety.  It won't win any awards for creativity or design, but it sure did hit the spot with hubby and little one. 

I also HAD to put it in something special to store it.

Don't you LOVE this old cake plate?  I think his mom used it for a lot of his birthday cakes through the years.  I use it now... and hope to use it for my little one's cakes for many years to come.  I love old things that make you think...
If you didn't do so, check out my new website, Great Gatherings.    Take a peek and tell me what you think!  Happy Monday to you!


  1. It looks yummy!!!! I like the cake plate.

  2. How wonderful to have an "heirloom" cake plate! Makes every celebration that much more special.

  3. Who needs a fancy cake?! That cake looks DE-licious!! And love your little one's added touch!
    Your new website looks great! Nice job!