Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mason's 4th Birthday Party

Mason's birthday party was a little over a month ago.  The story BEHIND the party is...

While I planned well in advance for it, it seems that something ALWAYS doesn't happen quite the way you expect, right?

So, while I have a fancy-schmancy (at least to me!) camera, I don't know too much about taking those breathtaking photographs you see everwhere.  My photographer was very sick the day of Mason's party, so I was mama to the birthday boy, party planner, hostess with the mostess, head chef, cake server, decorator AND PHOTOGRAPHER!  I was ill-prepared, I can tell you! 

But, my goal as with every party is for my client (or my boy in this case) to have a GRAND time.  The show must go on, Keep Calm and Party On, you get the picture!

So, we did. 

Mason had a GREAT did all of his little friends and guests.

When planning the party, I knew it had to be a train party. He LOVES Thomas the Train, but I knew I wanted it to be whimsical and love pairing books and parties together. What could be better than *The Little Engine that Could* for a four year olds’ birthday party! So, I talked to Lauren McKinsey about making a whimsical train for the invitation. She knocked it out of the park!

I used Edible Details for the train cake topper and the fantabulous Purple Pug for the train party favor boxes. The boxes were filled with lollipops and cookies from Dandy Delights and had personalized laminated name tags on them.

I used mason jars around and about, because…well the party was for MASON.  I made lemonade juice “boxes” in little mason jars . I also used a (Purple Pug) train Centerpiece Flag for the “ MASON JAR” flower arrangement and as a door sign with balloons and ribbon.

The food was simple “kid” food of chicken nuggets, fruit-angel food cake kabobs, chips and salsa, cake and ice cream. The kids loved playing in the pools, on the slip ‘n slide and swing set in Mason’s backyard.

My favorite picture is of Mason and his friends enjoying the food at the little table set up just for them.

So, after all was said and done and I had my photographs downloaded, I sent them to Jill from Luecht Photography who edited them and made them presentable!  What a great service you offer! 

Thank you to all my wonderful vendors.

Check them out!
Lauren Mckinsey - Lauren McKinsey
Dandy Delights - Dandy Delights
Edible Details - Edible Details
The Purple Pug - The Purple Pug

Thank you Kristy from The Purple Pug for focusing on REAL PARTIES and for featuring Mason's party on your blog

I love my little train conductor! 

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  1. Just love the use of polk dots and stripes in kids' party styling. They make such a festive scene!