Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Florida Gator "BIG" Tailgate week!

So, this is an exciting week at Great Gatherings.  This is Florida - Georgia week in Jacksonville.  You don't know what that means?  HUH?  Well, for those of you who do NOT means the Florida Gators are playing the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend HERE in Jacksonville! 

So exciting!  What is even more exciting?  We are coordinating the decor for the Florida Bullgator Tailgate party for more than 1,000 people on Saturday!  So excited!!!

Of course, we will take some fabulous photographs to show you of our fabulous Orange and Blue -ness.  Can I say fabulous again???

But, on a MUCH smaller tailgate party note... but just as exciting and fun... {and fabulous!} Here are some photographs of the Great Gatherings, She's {kinda} Crafty and Lauren McKinsey tailgate party. 

Here we are!  Aren't we cute?
Cute fans made by Stacy from She's {kinda} Crafty.

Mr. Gator complete with bowtie!

Fruit and Pound Cake Kabobs with chocolate {of course!}
Tres Yum food...

BLUE -BERRY- Cheesecakes

My yummy, Gator Birthday Cake with Lauren McKinsey cuteness
Cutie patootie- my niece and looks like future Gator cheerleader!

GATOR-ized Kandy Kones by Superchick

The only way to travel! 

Thanks for the memories She's {kinda} Crafty and Lauren McKinsey!


  1. It turned out great ladies! Amazing job!

  2. love the colour combo - bright and vibrant!
    I found your site on DiD and thought I would pop across to sign up. If you get a chance, you could help me get to 20 followers - LOL!
    keep up the great work! x