Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cupcake Bites and Party Planning!

Woo! We are busy!  We are planning several parties, getting ready for the end of school (planning that party too!), and getting ready for summer. Who knew filling out paperwork for swim lessons and summer camp took so much time?  WOW!

So, this weekend we are celebrating a BIG GATOR birthday party.  I tried something new getting ready for this party. Cupcake Bites. I tried cake pops a while back and needless to say, they didn't pop. They bombed. :(

Cupcake bites...well they did NOT bomb. I found the idea on Pioneer Woman. Actually Bakerella held a few cake pop lessons at the ranch with Ree (aka Pioneer Woman). If you have no idea who either one of these wonderful women don't walk to visit their sites. They are super-fantastic!!!

Back to my cupcake bites...

Not too bad. Not that hard either.  Kind of cute, not hard to make...right up my alley!

Looks like a mini cupcake. Tastes like a cupcake.  Winner!  Yes, orange and blue too, that is the theme around these parts right now!  So, go here Pioneer Woman to learn how to make these. I had to tint my orange darker because all of the candy colors are pale, pastel colors.

I do think these would be very cute at a baby shower too. Tinted to match the colors of the shower. Very cute!

What are you up to?  Busy weekend like me coming up? 

Happy Tuesday!!

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