Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Projects and Sneak Peaks!

Last week was spring break for my munchkin from the early learning program he attends. So, this weekend we finished up a few projects together before he started back to the regular routine.

We did plant our little vegetable garden. My boy LOVES him some dirt.  So, that was super fun for him.  Dirt, shovel, water hose and sunshine. Can't get better than that!

Also, a great neighbor of ours had a birthday, so I decided to practice my meringue skills on him with a peanut butter meringue pie.  Cold, cold bowl and beater and cold egg whites... I know, I know!  I just don't have a great history with making meringue.  I SO want to make tall, white, fluffy, grand meringue pies...just like my granny.  She made the best peanut butter, chocolate and coconut meringue pies. 

Here's mine and it DID turn out pretty good!  Not very, very tall...but it was a good effort!

Also, I spent some time planning this weekend for some super GREAT gatherings coming up! 

Great Gatherings and Lauren McKinsey are planning a GRAND Easter party! Here is a sneak peak!

Also started some planning for an upcoming 60th birthday party, so we are super busy and loving every minute of it!

Happy Monday to you!  What Great Gatherings are you planning???


  1. Nikki, Had I known about this, I would have been over. I have the Sister's recipe, and you are correct, the meringue takes special talent!

  2. Fun parties! Look forward to seeing your Easter party! I'm working on Wizard of Oz for my little girl! I found you from Lauren McKinsey...look forward to seeing more of your creations!