Monday, March 21, 2011


So it seems that something really GOOD comes up every week that distracts me  REALLY needs my attention. Like instead of spring cleaning or working out or eating only salads... you know what I mean, right?

So, this last week it was my friend and neighbor Becky's birthday.  Not just ANY birthday, but she turned 50!  I know about these big birthday's because this year I turn 20 30 35  well anyway we won't really discuss how old I will be this year, but suffice it to say it is a big one! 

So, I knew I wanted to do something for her because she is so good to me and my family.  Some of her good friends and I got together to give her a surprise party.  She was semi-surprised, but she did seem to have a good time.

I made some special treats with names that reminded me of her for the party.

I had to bling them out a tiny bit, just for her!

 Happy Birthday Becky! 

It was fun celebrating with you!  Hope your year is GRAND!

P.S.  I used printables from the WONDERFUL TomKat Studios at and All Things Pretty-The Wedding Chicks at and some made by me, of course!