Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looking Ahead!

We are starting to look ahead to ideas for Christmas parties and decorations here at Great Gatherings!  We love this mantle done by Pam at Party Starters:


This photo shoot was created by Pamela Smerker and Dawn Rumin of Party Starters to help inspire and share Christmas designs and products from a group of talented "Party Girls"
*Winter Holiday Photo Shoot 2010*
Printable Collection by Tweedle Dee Designs
Matchbox Favors by Party Starters
Marshmallow Favors by Stix-N-Pops
S'mores by Sweet Lydias

Also, love the Gilded Forest look at Pier One!
We can imagine all sorts of things with these decorations! So cute!
Gilded Forest


  1. Love the mantle also, its actually by Pam from Party Starters. Her work is sooo great ;)
    Looking forward to the holiday's as well!!

  2. THANK YOU Melissa for the correction. Here is Pam's blog spot. She is so talented!

  3. Thanks so much to both of you for correcting and for your comments! This was a group effort and all of the info is correct as to who made what over at Catch My Party...

  4. Loving this party collection! Pam did a great job styling and I'm so excited to be a part of another fab group of ladies.